Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Guess What

Guess what...
You wont be able to
just a quick reminder that I love you
your thick black hair and all your charm
With you in arms we'll never find harm

Guess what...
yes you guessed it, I love you some more
when you smile, my heart hits the floor
I look at my phone and there is your text
you're always there when I'm feeling vexed

Guess what...
you say, surely you are done
but nope, not yet... stop jumping the gun
I could brag about you from morning to night
in my times of darkness you are the light

Guess what...
I especially love your Christmas quirks
more than Beyonce's famous twerks
like tapping your fingers or swishing your hair
when its overgrown and you look like a bear

Guess what...
I am waiting for us to meet up soon
And yeah, I love you all the way to the moon
and obviously all the way back to me
so we can hang out under a tree

Guess what...
Its more than you can tell
my love for you I cant even spell

Mukul Kantiwal