Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Ineffable Love

I can’t decorate your path with stars from
the heaven
But be sure i can make u feel like one
I may not end my life if u ask me to
But I promise to spend my life with you
I may not be capable of building a complete
different world full of beauty
But I will stand against the entire world for you
I don’t know why I do it
or i don’t know how much
I don’t know from how long
and the answers I am not going to search
I am sorry i don’t know anything much
But there’s one thing I know
and you should know it too
Because there’s only one thing I know
and that is:i love u
I may not be best at other stuff
But no one can defeat me at loving you
You are the one I have dreamt of
You are the one I have always wanted to be with
There’s not much to say but one thing I know
for sure
I have I do and I will love u forever…….

By Mukul Kantiwal

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