Saturday, January 11, 2020


If only I could find the words to say
I care for her more than a friends' way
She always makes me laugh and smile
I want to tell her but I think, I will wait a while

When I talk to her I don't have to pretend
I am who I am and that I don't have to defend
As I write this I am longing for her to see
The words on this blog, the way that I feel

Often I wonder if she likes me back
But the confidence to find out is something I lack
Each time I want to tell her, I find myself stuck
The words just don't come out, totally dumbstruck

I often hear that the wind changes soon
But the time is running out
My feelings will be memories not to worry about
If only I could tell her now how she makes me feel
Maybe then her heart I could steal

By Mukul Kantiwal


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  2. Hasi to bohot aay bhai but achi likhi h tune.

  3. Hasi to isliye aaye cause pehli 2 lines me tujhe teri ex yaad aa gai thi 😂
    And thank you brother. Tum bhi contribute karo kuch, bhejo apni wali poem, post karte hain

  4. �������� Good one